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Exotic Pack

Next Delivery on Saturday,28 May 2022

Brand: TFA Agri

Product Code: Exotic Pack 2 KG

Availability: In Stock

Price: Rs. 400.00

High Anti Oxidant Veggies at your door step every week

Color capsicum – Red and Yellow              - 600 gms

Broccoli                                                                - 400 gms

Lettuce Iceberg                                                                - 400 gms

Lettuce Romain/green/red                         - 200 gms

Zuccini                                                                  - 400 gms

Thime                                                                   - 100 gms            


Rosemary                                                            - 100 gms

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Welcome to TFA Agri Farm to Customer F2C

TFA F2C Model 

TFA Agri is a commercial exotic flower and Vegetables grower, If you are in chennai or Bangalore there are good chances you would have tasted our exotic fruits and Vegetables like color capsisum's , Lettuces etc.

F2C is a business initiative where we source and distribute directly to our customers in chennai.

You checkout your desired products , we ship it to your place typically once a week.